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There’s no shortage of vagabonds who take coin for killing, but Giant Slayers… they’re a special breed. The coin is unfathomably good, you’d be more or less set for life should you bring one of those colossal beasts down.

However, you’re just as likely to find yourself a quick and nasty death and a pauper’s funeral.

Those who decide the reward is worth the risk form up into small companies of strangers, spreading out the risks and sharing the spoils.Brought from all walks of life, those who survive past their first kill and choose to continue on the path grow into tight-knit bands, comrades in arms fighting for gold and glory.

But you aren’t one of that pantheon of successful slayers just yet.

You’re just flat broke.

JACK KILLS GIANTS is a game of giant-slaying in the Fantasy Gig-Economy written and illustrated by Andrew White, with valuable contributions from Nakade & Cosmic Orrery Games. In Jack Kills Giants you won't play hardened adventurous heroes, you'll play everyday people, forced by a need to make cash to survive to chase after giants in exchange for generous bounties.

This book contains:

  • A very simple core system with modular subsystems you can either use or ignore and hack to your heart's content. The text of the book is under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike Licence allowing you to create and sell your own content using the game's rules. I'd love to see what you make with this rule-set.
  • Flavourful Random tables and Game Master Advice to help get the game going without too much extra prep.
  • Ten Flavourful Character Professions, each with 3 ranks.
  • Seventeen Full Colour Illustrations.

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Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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